TENDER RABBIT a las Dos Piedras

14 Jun

1 large rabbit (1.5-2 kg) 125 g bacon pieces 125 g ground pork 125 g botifarra salt pepper 2 chopped onions 6 chopped cloves garlic a bay leaf 1/3 teaspoon thyme olive oil 600 ml boxed red wine allioli     1. Your rabbit may be purchased from one of the remaining animal stands on [...]

Please come home, I’ll make some HABAS, BABY

28 Feb

2 packages of frozen habas baby 2 little 100g boxes of tiras de bacon 2 or 3 spring onions 2 botifarres negres 1 bay leaf ¼ teaspoon mint 1 teaspoon Anís del Mono olive oil sugar salt       1. Dial 6675##### 2. “Buzón Orange. Por favor, grabe su mensaje después de la señal.” [...]


8 Sep

spaghetti 1 can tomàquet triturat 1 can tomàquet trossejat ground meat onions garlic green peppers olive oil red wine brown sugar salt oregano etc.     1. Sit on your ass with a Voll-Damm and the new Harper’s while your boyfriend makes the Bolognese sauce. 2. Get up to add the spaghetti when he calls [...]

Late Night Dejected SANDWICH*

29 Aug

bread (I used Silueta Sin Corteza “8 cereales y semillas” because I had some.) sobrassada cream cheese can of olives, preferably those green gazpatxo-flavored pitless ones butter bottle of whiskey (Cardhu was employed for this recipe; you are welcome to the swill of your choice.)     1.    It’s hot. Try drinking the whiskey with [...]